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The Crossroads Cultural Center was born in 2004 in New York at the initiative of four friends who felt the desire to propose, in New York varied scenery, the cultural position that was the basis of their experience in the movement of Communion and Liberation. Currently, Crossroads is present not only in New York, but also in Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston (Texas) and New Bedford (Massachusetts).

The center offers lectures, seminars and artistic events in various fields, with an opening at 360 degrees about reality, with the teaching of St. Paul as a reference point: “Test everything, retain what is good.” Culture is a systematic and critical awareness of reality, and for Crossroads it is placed in the tradition of the Church, and has the dual goal of providing opportunities for education and contributions to the common good.
During its first years of life, the events of Crossroads were the opportunity to meet the protagonists of the American political, economic, social, scientific, historical, artistic, and ecclesial life, and have enabled the introduction in the U.S. - often for the first time ever - of high-profile international figures.

Crossroads favors a cultural proposal characterized by the desire to meet people of all cultural backgrounds and of every faith, for a comparison on what is positive and good in any human adventure.
With this specific characteristic, the Center expresses something original in the various cultural world of the U.S., where very often a tendency prevails to offer interpretations of reality marked by very specific ideological positions.
Among the most significant activities of Crossroads, there is the “New York Encounter,” a three-day event of cultural meetings that draws inspiration from the thirty year long experience of the Meeting of Rimini, with which was established a close cooperation.
On the organizational level, Crossroads is a project of The Human Adventure Corporation, a New York not-for-profit corporation recognized by U.S. authorities.

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