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The Foundation for Subsidiarity

The Foundation was established in 2002 on Giorgio Vittadini’s initiative and aims at the scientific and cultural deepening and the dissemination of a vision of society based on the centrality of the person and the principle of subsidiarity, with particular emphasis on the educational aspects involved.
It thus intends to implement, in social, economic and political areas, a concept of culture as a critical and systematic awareness of the implemented experiences.

In line with this objective, the Foundation conducts research and training, and produces publications, seminars, and conferences.
Its work is inspired by the principle of subsidiarity, which asserts the primacy of the person over society and of the society over the State, in order that any decision pertaining to the general interest is taken at the level closest to the citizen.
The Foundation relies on the work of scientific departments on the following issues: Education, Training and Human Capital, Subsidiarity and the State, Cooperation and Poverty, Work and Welfare, Multiculturalism, Nonprofit, Banking and Finance, Business and Innovation, Public Utilities, Southern Regions, History, Law.

Atlantide. A world that let’s other worlds speak is the Foundation’s quarterly magazine published with RCS-ETAS and realized with the help of a scientific committee consisting of opinion makers and professors of various beliefs and subjects of study. Some of the beliefs that emerged from this experience are: the priority value of the free choice of services in the areas of welfare, education and culture; the importance of a quality education that follows ideal criteria; the centrality of the investment in human capital for the development of business and its innovation; the methodological value of works of international cooperation that focus on the person and his or her relationships; the need to support not-for-profit realities, including social enterprises with assets and income; considering the multicultural society as an opportunity for comparison between different identities.

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