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“Reading is the first opportunity to listen and then to learn.” In proposing the reading of certain books, CL intends to educate to a critical sense, to the discovery of human dignity and the true face of the Church. CL members have become familiar with and found to be worthy of further study authors such as Dante, Leopardi, Manzoni, Eliot, Peguy, Claudel, Milosz, Pascoli, Ada Negri, Pavese, Montale, Rebora, Solovyev, De Lubac, Lagerkvist, Moeller, Mounier and many others. In addition to the proposal of the traditional “book of the month,” Fr Giussani has also directed “the books of the Christian spirit” series (Rizzoli-BUR) to propose to the general public works, sometimes not easily found, of literature and nonfiction, along with texts that offer great Christian witnesses.

Founded in 1993 by Father Giussani and directed by him until his death (2005), the series has continued under the direction of Julián Carrón until 2009, the year of its closure. They published about a hundred titles. In order to maintain alive this rich heritage of literature and to continue to educate new generations of readers, the publisher Rizzoli continues to republish under the heading “Biblioteca dello Spirito Cristiano [Library of the Christian Spirit]”, the main titles which, as Father Giussani recalled, “marked my life from the time of the Seminar as well as the life of those who accompanied me in the past fifty years, and as many books born as a reflection on our experience.” These novels, essays and poetry collections show, through different kinds of genius and from different historical and psychological perspectives, a Christian spirit committed to discovering and verifying the reasonableness of faith within the circumstances of life.

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