Vacations - Gestures and Tools


In the life of CL vacations are a great opportunity for education and mission. Both in summer and in winter, community vacations are proposed in the different environments, usually one week long, carefully organized with attention to detail. Giussani explained: “The choice of a vacation on the mountain is not accidental (we did not start with the seaside because the sea is more distracting).

The wholesomeness of the human environment and the imposing beauty of nature encourage each time the question about reality’s being, order, and goodness - reality is the first challenge which awakens in us the religious sense. With the necessary order, which has always been rigorously taken care of (order is like a river’s bed: the water flows through it and is purer, clearer, faster; order is necessary to recognize the meaning of everything), mountain vacations are proposed to the various people as a prophecy, albeit fleeting, of the Christian promise of fulfillment, as a small anticipation of paradise.”

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