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Dear Friend,

"They believed because of what Christ showed
Himself to be. They believed because of that
presence, not for one thing or another that He said
or did. "
The ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation
carries in Canada this presence that awakens the
heart, the presence of Christ, real and living, which
we can encounter within the Catholic Church. We
could make a list of all the activities, the events, the
projects, the charitable works, and the public
presentations that the En Route Foundation
supports, and it would be very impressive (this list
would reflect what Fr. Giussani calls “Christianness”.)
But “Christianity” is much more than this, it is this
Presence that reaches so many people in our
schools, our hospitals and palliative care homes, our
work places, our city streets and in places of refuge.
These are people who await, who hope, for such an
encounter to begin to live again, to live fully and
freely. The En Route Foundation is here to assist
those who have this new gaze to communicate it
everywhere they are, especially in places that are
most forgotten. Please make a donation to the En
Route Foundation with this awareness, it is the
poverty of heart of which Fr. Giussani speaks; a
heart available to the other and to the Other. And it
is by this same poverty of heart that we ourselves
are able to begin again as well.

Marc Beauchamp
Fundraising Chair | Président - Levée de fonds


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