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Request to initiate the cause for Father Giussani’s beatification and canonization


On February 22, 2012, at the end of the Mass celebrated in Milan Cathedral on the 30th anniversary of the Pontifical recognition of the Fraternity of CL, and the 7th anniversary of Fr. Giussani’s death, Fr. Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of CL, announced that he had presented the request for opening the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of Fr. Giussani. The request was accepted by the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola.

The request was submitted on 22nd February 2012 (Fr. Giussani’s anniversary and Solemnity of the Chair of St. Peter), through the postulator named by the President of the Fraternity appointed as petitioner of the Cause: Professor Chiara Minelli, Lecturer of Canon and Ecclesiastical Law at the Università degli Studi of Brescia.

The request has been made to the Archbishop of Milan – in whose Diocese Father Giussani, a diocesan priest, was born, lived and worked – in accordance with the Apostolic Constitution Divinus Perfectionis Magister, 25.I.1983, the Normae servandae in inquisitionibus ab Episcopis faciendis in causis sanctorum dated 7.II.1983, nos.11-15, and the Instructio Sanctorum Mater, 17.V.2007, Part II, Title I, art. 25 § 1 and 2. The petitioner asked the Archbishop to open the Diocesan Informative Inquiry into the life, the virtues and the reputation of Sanctity of Monsignor Luigi Giussani.

Giving the news, don Carrón prays that “Our Lady - ‘living fountain of hope’ - help us every day to be made worthy of the promises of Christ and of the immense grace that we received and are still receiving in the charism of Father Giussani”.

Press office of CL
Milan, 23rd February 2012.

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